Recipe: Breakfast cheesecake


For this breakfast cheescake I got inspired by two bloggers: Jelmer and Maaike. I used almost the same filling as Jelmer but I made the bottom that Maaike came up with.

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Recipe: More (Green) smoothie recipes


Hi everyone,

On Instagram I post a lot of my green smoothies and some of you requested a more detailed recipe. They are not all green, some of them only contain fruit. Sometimes I need something more sweet and it’s good to change your habit once in a while and adapt to your personal needs. So here are the recipes. I tried to keep it as simple as possible. If you want to know more about green smoothies (do’s and dont’s) I advice you to read my other post about Green smoothies.

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Recipe: Banana bread with dried plums and pumpkinseeds


I have been away for a while. But now I am back with a great recipe! Let me explain. A couple of days ago I tried to bake bananabread. For some of you that might be an easy thing. Well not for me. It stayed way to wet in the middle. I think I added to much fluid. So tonight I tried again. Let’s see how my bananabread turned out!

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BOOKREVIEW: ‘Calling me home’ and ‘The invention of wings’

calling me homesuemonkkidd

In january of this year I started a Reading Challenge. I want to read one book every two weeks. And that means 26 books in 2015. I am pleased to say that in january I read two books! I read ‘Calling me home’ by Julie Kibler and ‘The invention of wings’ by Sue Monk Kidd. They have a few things in common, but they are also two beautiful and different stories. And I promised to write a review of every book I read. So here we go.

***Please be aware of the fact that these reviews may contain spoilers.***

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