I love The Netherlands and my home. I am a real home-person and not very much of a traveler. But I think I should travel more often. So I would like to change that. That’s why I decided to make a travelbucketlist. Well, I am not the kind of traveler to pick up my backpack a go back to basic in Asia or Australia. The people that know me can confirm. I like a bit of comfort! For some of you this list may be not that exciting but here it is anyway. Let me show you my travelbucketlist in random order.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is supposed to be a very fasionable city. And the restaurants are great I hear. The innercity is carfree and you can walk to all of the hotspots. I think this is a great city for a springweekend with your love.

London, United Kingdom

Since I was a teenager I always wanted to visit the UK and especially London. I have no idea why I have never been there, because it is only an hour of flying away. I want to see all the hotspots of course: the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Piccadily Circus. I just love everything about the UK and I hope to visit very soon.

The Dutch Antilles

The most tropical part of the Netherlands:The Dutch Antilles. The weather is great, you can speak dutch and a good friend of mine lives there. What more could I wish for! I would love to visit my friend and catch some sun in the meantime.

Verona, Italy

A very romantic place where we can eat the most delicious food and walk on the most beatifull streets with the one I love I think it’s close to Venice, so I can also visit that city. I think I would visit this place in the spring or fall. I don’t like the heat very much.

British Columbia, Canada

This must be the most exciting place I want to visit so far. Because of Instagram I saw how beautiful this place is because my Canadian friends post the most fantastic pictures. The forests are enormous and so different from my country. The pictures I see on Instagram look like paintings. I can imagine how it looks when you see BC LIVE!

So here it is: my travelbucketlist. I can’t wait to start my travel and see some of the most beautiful places in the world.

What beautiful places are on your travelbucketlist?




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