Crochet moodblanket 2015

A couple of months ago I discovered a new passion: crochet! I always wanted to be able to do crochet but I never had the time. And when I reached the most difficult period in my life I strangely enough found peace learning this new craft. I could focus on learning something new even though I was so stressed and anxious. I can truly say that crochet kept me sane and I am not overreacting.

8 jan 2015 3

So here I am, making my first moodblanket and I am so excited about it. I used Stylecraft Special DK and I selected my colours based on my intuition. There are nine colours at the moment. But I can imagine I will add some more colours in the future. I will use the selected moods as a guideline.

My first week is already done! And I will try to give you an update every week. I also would love to see your moodblankets. I think it will keep me motivated to keep going with my blanket. So please follow me on Instagram and I will follow back! It’s so much fun to see the progress of all those beautiful blankets made by women (or men, haven’t found a man that does moodblankets yet lol) all around the world.

8 jan 2015 2

And I am proud to say that I also mastered a new skill. I can finally join the squares as I go! It feels so much better than joining all the squares in the end. If you also want to learn how to do it, you can visit the blog of Attic24. The way she explaines it makes it so easy. So good luck if you are willing to try to master this wonderful skill!

So see you next week as I show you the second week of my moodblanket 2015!


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