Reading Challenge 2015

8 jan 2015 0

Sometimes I read a lot and sometimes I don’t read at all. And that’s so strange to me, because I love to read and I really want to read more. And that’s when I saw an artikel about the Reading Challende 2015.

So when I saw the Reading Challenge 2015 on Goodreads I signed myself up for it. It’s quite simple. You set a goal to read a certain amount of books and try to stick with it. At first I was really ambitious, I signed up for a book a week. So that’s 52 books! But after one week of reading I realised that’s insane. For me anyways. So I adjusted the amount to one book every two weeks. That’s more realistic. And I already found out this reading challenge works for me. I make more time to read and I am really enjoying it.

Currenty I started with a book by Julie Kibler. Her book is called ‘Calling me home’. It’s about forbidden love and friendship. I am almost halfway. It’s beautifully written. I will post a review when I finish. I think I will post one review every month.

8 jan 2015 1 (2)

I also added the books I have read to ‘My books’ in Goodreads. At first I wrote down my reviews in a notebook. But I like this better. Now I can share my reviews with others. I would really like it if you follow me on Goodreads. You find me by the name ‘casadiceasar’. Of course I will follow back!
On Popsugar you can find a lovely list of all sorts of books you can read if you want to read more out of your comfort zone.

To add some more fun to your reading challenge  and make it even more fun you can follow the great idea by Grown Up Fangirl. It’s called The 2015 Book Memories Challenge. When you finish a book you pick a quote from the book and add it to a Memory jar. And after a year your memoryjar contains a lot of beautiful memories from all of the books you have read! Love that idea!

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Are you participating in a readingchallenge? And what book are you reading at the moment?




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