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8 jan 2015 4

In september 2014 I started to drink green smoothies every morning. I heard about them for a long time and I was really curious about them. Unfortunately I never had the time or the energy to make them. But when I entered in what I call ‘the most difficult period of my life’, I thought it would be a good idea to nourish my body better. I already started using vitamin supplements like omega3, multivitamins, magnesium and vitamin C en D. So eating healthy would also be good. Maybe even better. So I started reading a book about green smoothies that one of my friends, Maaike, gave me. She already learned the benefits of green smoothies and wanted to share that with me. And today I would like to share my experiences with you! So let me tell you how I drink my green smoothies!

What is a green smoothie? 

Short and simple a green smoothie is a blended drink that contains a leavy vegetable and /or fruits and water/yoghurt/coconutwater/all sorts of milk. It’s as simple as that. I always use 50% of fruits and 50% of vegetables. That way you don’t taste the vegetables! You can also add superfood to upgrade your smoothie.

There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when drinking green smoothies.

  • I always add juice of one lemon or one lime to give me some extra vitamine C, but also to keep the smoothie tenable for a day. You can make the smoothie at night, keep it in your refrigerator and drink it the next morning on your way to work.
  • Start drinking your smoothie on an empty stomach. It will prevent the smoothie from fermenting in your stomach. If there is some food left in your stomach it could give you stomachaches. After drinking your smoothie wait for one hour to have another light breakfast of healthy snack.
    If you are not able to drink your smoothie in the morning (for whatever reason) on an empty stomach, wait for over two hours after you had something to eat. Try to get your stomach to empty as much as possible. But I do recomment that you drink it in the morning when you haven’t had anything to eat.
  • Don’t ask me why, but using a straw when drinking a green smoothie just makes it taste better.
  • Add the superfood you like and need to your smoothie. That way you are making a bomb of healthy things and it will nourish you even better. Superfoods that I use are wheatgrass and linseed. And often I add sunflowers- and pumpkinseeds to my smoothies.
  • Keep blending your smoothie long enough for the leaves of your greens to really mix with your fruits. Trust me, you don’t want a leave to chew on.
  • Don’t worry if your intestines don’t like the green smoothies in the beginning. They have to get used to it. It will take them about a week to adjust. Green smoothies will make your bowel movement much better when you start drinking them!
  • Use a different leavy vegetable every day. That way it will cause less stress for your liver. Greens also contain some substances that your liver has difficulties digesting. So be kind to your body and change the greens every day!
  • Use vegetables that are in season. It is much more healthy and cheap.
  • Always use a creamy fruit like avocado or banana. It will make your smoothie taste better.

My favorite green smoothie

Here’s the recipe if you want to try it:

9 jan 2015 1

  • A small cup of (frozen) pineapple
  • One banana
  • Juice of two oranges
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Three stems of cellery
  • One tablespoon of linseed
  • One tablespoon of pumkinseed
  • Half a tablespoon of wheatgrass

The effects

What I’ve notices after drinking green smoothies for four months. My nails have grown stronger and longer, I crave green smoothies, like my body really wants them and my skin looks better. Of course I cannot proof that green smoothies are the cause of that. But it did happen after drinking them for a longer period of time and I’ve experienced a lot of stress lately and still my body made improvements.


But I do want to emphasise, this is the way I drink green smoothies. I don’t claim to be an expert of some sort. I think it’s is wise to consult a physician when changing you diet, especially when you have an illness of some sort. But I do think it is healthy to eat more fruits and vegetables. They are the real superfoods and we eat to little of them. This is a simple and fast way to add them to your diet.

Most of all, enjoy drinking green smoothies. They will make you feel healthy and they are really delicous.

What is your favorite smoothie?




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