NEW: my first IG-diary week 2/52

Today I introduce my  weekly IG-diary. I will show you what I have been doing in this second week of January and hope you like it!



On monday I started my day with a smoothie. It contained yoghurt, a banana, red fruits and linseed. I love that bright pink colour!


After that I did some crochet. I am making a babyblanket for a friend of mine who just gave birth to a little baby boy. It’s a present (she is not reading this blog ;-)). The colours are softgrey and baby blue, because it matches the baby’s roomcolours. I am planning to make a babyblue border.


I decided to remove christmas from our livingroom. My husband liked our decorations so much, so I decided to wait untill he started work again. It didn’t take me a lot of time to clear up and I was really happy about that. I was sad to see christmas go, because I haven’t felt that happy in a long time.


At night I always make a granny square for my moodblanket2015. This time I chose the colour grape which stands for Grateful. While watching some tv I find this activity very soothing before going to bed. It calms me down and makes me sleep better.


On tuesday I was inspired by Nathalie, she made a smoothie with pineapple and orange juice among other ingredients and I decided to also make a green monster like hers. It was delicious! Thanks Nathalie!


After breakfast I started to make a cover for my hotwaterbottle. I chose three colours: offwhite, lilac and purple. I didn´t have a pattern but granny squares must do the trick. I think this cover will be a lot of fun making.


That night I used Raspberry for my next granny square. That colour represents the mood LOVED. No explanation needed I guess.


On wednesday morning I made my husband his lunch and myself a delicious smoothie with strawberries and endive.


After my smoothie I decided to go back to bed. I rarely fall back asleep. So I started reading. I don’t know why but it always feels a bit naughty when you stay in bed longer than you are supposed to.

That day I felt a bit more tense than usual. I still have a long way to go. My shoulders and neck feel like a brick wall. Unfortunately my fysiotherapist is on holiday and I really need a massage. I tried to relax more that day. At night I used ´the Stressed colour´ for my next granny square in soft peach. It barely has any colour and that’s how I felt that day. This day was also dramatic because of the terrible terrorist attack in Paris.


Wow my first week of my moodblanket2015 has passed! I can’t believe it. But I have my granny squares to prove it.

On thursday I made my favorite smoothie. Check out the recipe for it in my post about Green smoothies. I also realized my nails started growing and look so much better. I think it must be the smoothies.

2015-01-08_1420731375 2015-01-08_1420744201

I felt really inspired to write on thursday so I posted two blogposts. One about my reading challenge and the other one about my crochetmoodblanket. It feels really good to write.

On friday a storm was raging outside and Ceasar decided to take another nap. He´s so cute and I can watch him for hours. He´s the sweetest dog ever and he makes me very happy. I really don’t know what I would have done without him these last few months.

2015-01-09_1420797394 2015-01-09_1420802767

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of my smoothie. I did made a lot of progress on my cover. I found a pattern and I have to make twelve granny squares and then join eight squares together. I finished those. I´ll keep you posted on my next steps in creating this cover.


I made another blogpost about green smoothies and what I learned about them. I feels good to share that information and I hope it will inspire others to start drinking them.

Thursday night I forgot to make a picture of my granny square. So here they are. On thursday I felt really inspired so I used the colour pomegranate which of course represents Inspired. And friday I felt a bit insecure about my current situation. I feel a bit insecure about the decisions I am making. I used the colour plum which stands for…. Yup, Insecure.

2015-01-10_1420882581 2015-01-10_1420882714

Saturday morning I started my reading. I love waking up and read when my husband is sound asleep next to me. I love watching him sleep. He looks so cute. When his alarm went off I started making him breakfast with eggs and fresh orange juice. On saturday he always plays a soccermatch, so we don´t have time for a long and large breakfast. I made myself a smoothie with fresh orange juice, pineapple and a banana. It was delicous.


In the afternoon we went shopping. I am not a fashionista and often I don’t know what to wear. Today I had a lot of great finds at Primark. That usually never happens. So that made me very happy. I hope to share my finds soon.


At night I visited my friend Maaike. She is moving to Brasil with her fiance and we went to say goodbye. She will be back in april to get married in Holland, but it was very nice to see her before she leaves. I bought her a small present. It was a silver bracelet with the symbol of infinity and little stones. I also bought one for me so that we can have the same bracelets as a symbol of our friendship.


After our visit to Maaike I made the next square in the colour Apricot which stands for creativity.  I went to bed early and did some reading.


On sunday morning I was struck by a surprise panic attack. Ussually I wake my husband when that happens. But this time I decided to endure it by myself. I reconized the feeling and I took a couple of deep breaths. When I felt calmer I got out of bed. I was still a bit dizzy but I decided that it cannot scare me any more. It did help. I tried not to think about it and continued with my morningrituals. When I drank my smoothie I realised what I had done and I felt really proud of myself. It felt like a victory!


Later that morning I gave my blog a new look. I didn’t think the other look was very orderly. This look is much better and I love pink so I was happy to find a template that matches my personality. I hope you will like this new look too.


I still felt really tensed so I continued making a few squares for the cover of my hotwaterbottle. It made me feel a bit more relaxed. Crochet saved me again!


When I feel stressed I always crave healthy food. My husband and I did some grocery shopping that afternoon and I made a broccolisoup. It tasted delicious! Good food always makes me feel better. Even better, there is still some soup left for lunch tomorrow. After watching tv I went to bed early. I didn’t make a square today for my moodblanket. I already picked the colour but didn’t have enough energy to make it.

So that’s it. My first IG-diary. As you can see, I don’t have a lot going at te moment. I am still recovering from a real tense and emotional period in my life. I try to eat good food and keep myself busy with some relaxing activities. I don’t photograph everything I do, but this is a great recap of my weekly activities. I hope you enjoyed reading it! Have a good week!




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