A question a day for five years!

13 jan 2015 1Finally it’s here! Let me tell you about a diary I ordered a couple of weeks ago. It’s a diary you write for five years! Let’s have a closer look and hopefully you feel inspired to start your own diary.

It’s quite simple. You will answer the same question on the same day for five years. On each page/day there is a question you can answer and there are five sections you can answer the same question in. A section for each year. So after five years you can see if and how you’ve changed. It’s not a diary you can write big stories in, just a couple of lines per question. But because of the diversity in questions I think it will give you a real good idea on how you think in a lot of different areas. I mean, there a 365 questions!

13 jan 2015 2

Let’s have a look inside of the book. The pages have a clean look and have these sections I was talking about earlier. The date and the question are on top of the page. The colour is a nice mint. Just like the cover of the diary. I like this fresh look. There is also a nice golden bookmark that gives the diary a bit of class.

13 jan 2015 3

They questions are really divers. They can be really simple and fun, but there are also more serious questions. Let me share some of them.

The more simple questions are:

  • What is your favorite food?
  • Who gave you your last bouguet of fresh flowers ?
  • What is in your refrigerator today?
  • What is the most expensive jewelry you own?

More serious questions like:

  • What frightens you the most?
  • What worldnews made the most impression on you today?
  • Who is your best friend?
  • Are there parts of your body you want to cover up?

I really like this diary. It is a lovely book to give as a present to a friend. I love the look of it and I think your friend will be really happy to receive this. But of course it is also a great book to give to yourself. Unfortunately the diary in the pictures is written in dutch, but I think there must be diaries like this in other languages.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have a nice day!




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