Update: Crochet moodblanket 2015 week 2/52

15 jan 2015 4

So as promised, here is my update of my moodblanket! This is the second week I have been making the granny squares every day and I still like it a lot. 

Sorry, I tried to take a better picture but the weather is so grey and dark. I don’t want to use the flaslight to much, otherwise the colours seem so different and I don’t like that yellow glow. I used the following colours: pomegranate (loved), grape (grateful), apricot (creative), soft peach (stressed), camel (tired), raspberry (Inspired) and meadow (content).

I will be making 18 x 20 squares and that makes 360 squares. The last days of 2015 I hope I can start with my border(s). I think this moodblanket will be approximately 150 x 165 cm. It will make a nice blanket to crawl under. The squares are already pretty heavy and that will make one heavy blanket with a lot of colourful flowers representing my moods.

What I have noticed is that this blanket makes sure you reflect on you day. It makes you think about your feelings and make a recap of your day. At the end of the day I have to make a choice. In the beginning I found that pretty difficult, but it is getting easier. I am really enjoying this excercise.

I hope you like my update. Please tag me on Instagram if you are also making a moodblanket. I love to see your progress.

See you soon next week when I show you my third week.




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