Grannysquare cover for a hotwaterbottle

17 jan 2015 1A couple of weeks ago I saw a lot of beautiful covers for hotwaterbottles on Pinterest. I still had a plain hotwaterbottle without a cover. So I needed one, because sometimes the water is too hot and I burn myself. I wanted to make a cover with granny squares, because I am still a beginner at crochet and I can do granny squares. I started without a pattern and picked three colours for my granny squares: purple, lilac and offwhite. I used a popcorn stitch to make a flower. After a view granny squares I did search for a pattern. I found a simple one that I would like to share with you.

The pattern

Join 9 squares to make the front and join 5 squares to make the back. I added double crochets to the sides of the back and the front to make the cover fit. I wanted to get the bottle out of the cover if it needs to be washed. So with this pattern you can open the bottom. After I did the double crochets (USA) I joined the front and t17 jan 2015 2he back with singles crochets (USA). Warning: only attach the top and the next four granny squares! To close the cover I attached six buttons and they are not just practical but I also think they look nice.

And that´s it! It is a really nice project to do. If you can make a simple granny square, you can make this cover. It is really easy peasy and after you made it you are really proud of yourself. I am! I already took my hotwaterbottle to bed haha. And in the morning the bottle is still warm. How nice is that!

Well hopefully you feel inspired to make a cover youself. If you do, please tag me on Instagram. I would really like to see you covers! And you can also ask me questions about this project.

Well I hope you liked my post and I wish you all a very nice weekend!




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