My IG-diary: week 3/52

Another week has passed! So here’s my second IG-diary. I hope you will enjoy it.



On monday I started my week reading in bed. I really wanted to finish my book. I was still reading ‘Calling me home’ by Julie Kibler and I am really enjoying it. I will write a review once a month about the books I have read. So stay tuned!


The weather was so grey and rainy, that I could use some sunshine. I made myself a pineapple smoothie.


Later that morning I made my first diary blogpost. I felt really exciting to publish it.


At night I made two grannysquares. Number eleven in Soft peach and number twelve Camel.


And after my grannysquares I continued working on my cover for my hotwaterbottle.


In the evening I started a new book: ‘The invention of wings’ by Sue Monk Kidd. It’s about the friendship between two young girls: a white girl and her slave. Ugh I hate how that sound: ‘her slave’.


On tuesday I started my day with a green smoothie. Not a surprise, I guess.


I wrote a post about a new diary I got. I try to write a post every day except for sunday.


After writing I started cleaning my craftroom again. There is so much stuff in there!


I was really tired and crochet is really soothing. This is my soft grey baby blanket. I just made one big grannysquare.


For dinner I tried a new recipe: vegetarian fritatta with peppers and cauliflower.. My husband liked it.


My husband always takes such good care of me. I made a new granny square for my crochetmoodblanket and picked the colour Pomegranate which stands for feeling Loved.


On wednesdaymorning, like every day, I drank my smoothie for breakfast. I love how the colour of this smoothie turned out.


In the afternoon I wrote a new blogpost about the pieces of art I made in the past.


The mailman delivered my new book ‘Save with Jamie’! Yeah! It’s a a beautiful book with wonderfull recipes. I love his show and now I can make his recipe myself.


I had leftover fritatta for lunch.


Finally the sun was shining, so I put on my boots and took my Ceasar for a walk. It was wonderful to feel the sun on my face.


And night I made square number 14. I felt really content and at ease that day, so I picked the colour Meadow.


I also finished my cover! I am really proud of it.


On thursday I continued reading my book for my Readingchallenge 2015. I am really enjoying this book. It’s also pretty heavy, because it’s about the history of slavery in the USA. But that history has to be told. It reminds me of Dutch history and how our Dutch government always tries to cover up our history of slavery. That makes me sad.


I had a healthy milkshake for breakfast and turned on the lights, because it was so dark outside.


The mailman delivered my calender of Harlow and Sage. They always make me smile. I am really happy with this calender and I didn’t expect this callender to arrive so soon. That was a nice suprise.


When the light outside was slightly better I made pictures of my moodblanket for my weekly update.

In the evening my best friend Mario stopped by for some tea. I forgot to take a picture and I didn’t make a granny square for my moodblanket. It was really nice of him to come visit me. I can really talk to him about serious stuff, but we also have a good laugh. That’s true friendship if you ask me. He is also getting married and I loved hearing him talk about all of the weddingpreparations.


In the morning I had my green smoothie!


I had a difficult appointment in the morning so I needed something to cheer me up. After my appointment I went to the flowershop and bought a few hyacinths, tulips and orchids.That must do the trick!


In the evening I had to make two squares: I chose Grape (grateful) and Plum (insecure).

2015-01-17_1421486483On saturdaymorning I enjoyed my lovely pink tulips. Feels like spring!


Unfortunately I started to feel a bit sick. I realized I had an urinary infection. I had one a couple of months ago. I felt really irritated that I have one again. I drank a lot that day and especially cranberryjuice.


I wrote my blogpost about my cover for a hotwaterbottle. It’s a really nice project for beginners and I hope I inspire others to make one.


I didn’t feel like anything but to destract myself from worrying thoughts I decided to give a couple of flowerpots a makeover. They had a dark clay colour and I wanted them white. I used gesso. It’s a primer.


I started to feel more sick and I went to bed doing some crochet. I started a pillowcase and a new stitch: closed scallop. My husband continued to declutter my craftroom/his office.


For dinner I made a really simple peassoup. It was delicious,


At night I made a granny square. I picked the colour Camel which stands for feeling tired/sick.


On sunday I made a healthy milkshake with yoghurt among other delicious ingredients.


I worked on my pillowcase some more. I like how this is turning out.


Sweet Nelson kept me company. He is so adorable.


I made a wordbanner for our bedroom using a quote of Martin Luther King. I think he is a hero.


I got inspired by Bella Coco to share my crochetcorner. I saw hers and it made me laugh, because I reconized I had the same sort of corner I do my crochetprojects in. Wonderful to see all those cute corners of women around to world enjoying the same hobby.


Just before bed I always make my grannysquare. This time it’s Raspberry for feeling inspired.

Well that’s it! My week on IG I hope you like it. It contains a lot of crochet, reading and writing. I wish you all a wonderfull week!




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