My IG-diary: week 4/52

I can’t believe january is moving so fast. Let’s take a look at my IG-diary of last week.



On monday I started with a healthy breakfast with yoghurt. I haven’t been feeling well, so I wanted my breakfast to be quick.


I posted my second IG-diary.


It was Blue monday, the most depressing day of the year. And when I looked outside I saw this. I must admit, I felt blue and sick. I had to cancel all of my appointments.


When I took my sweet ceasar for a walk the blue was gone, but the fog was still there. I kinda looked like Narnia.


I did my homework. You can read all about this diary here!


On this day my husband and I celebrated our 6 months of marriage.


On tuesday I started to feel a lot worse and I realized I had an urinary infection. A green smoothie had to make me feel better.


Because I was still waiting for my testresults to come in, I decided to take matters in my own hand and use natural antibiotics. Slices of fresh garlic.


Some crochet to destract my from worrying thoughts.


Fresh flowers to cheer me up. I love pink!


That night I started the second row of my moodblanket!


I woke up wednesdaymorning hearing the geese pass by my house. They flew in a V-shape. It was beautiful. Can you see them?


I saw this at my sisters FB. It made my laugh. That’s a good start of a new day. I still felt sick.




In the evening I made another square for my moodblanket. I chose Grape!


Oh no, my tulips were overblown. But they still look beautiful.


Inspired by the colour of my tulips I started another pillowcase. I started to make 25 small granny squares.


I watched Downton Abbey and had to cry. I watched the last two episodes and there was a beautiful scene between Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson! My sweet Ceasar came to check out if I was allright. Don’t know what I would do without him.


I continued with my pillowcase.


And another soft peach square, which stands for stressed. In my current situation I find it really hard to feel uncomfortable. When feeling sick I worry.


On friday I had such a bad day: more stress, waiting for testresults, calling the doctorsoffice ten times, a lack of understanding by closed ones. I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt as bad as I felt a couple of months ago and that scared me. Thank god, I got the antibiotics. So fridaynight I did a lot of crochet to destract myself and calm myself down.


Making rows..


My husband is what really got me through this day! My situation is also very difficult for him. But he’s here, listening and comforting me. I love him so much. That’s why I chose the colour Pomegranate which stands for Loved.


Saturdaymorning with snow! Everything feels and looks better with snow.


Happy with my made over flowerpots. They had a dark colour. I think this looks a lot better.


I want to do a DIY with this dish, but I don’t have any ideas. Please let me know if you have a great idea!


Making more rows. I still felt really sick.


I finished the front of this granny square! Happy with the result.


Mexican comfort food made by my sweet husband.


On sundaymorning I started with my green smoothies again. I need more vitamins.


I decided to not feel sick anymore. I was already behind with the update of my moodblanket. So I made pictures and put it online.


My husband and I did some interiorshopping. Shopping always makes me feel a bit better. It felt good to get some fresh air and leave the house. At night I made two squares and went to bed early. I want to leave this week behind. I know Buddha says.. Focus on the path not the destination. I am really working hard to do so. But I just want to start over again. This week I felt really deppressed and I don´t want to anymore. So let´s make a new start!

I wish you all a great week and I hope I can post a more uplifting diary next week.




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