Update: Crochet moodblanket 2015 week 4/52 and 5/52

1 feb 2015 2So as promised I made an update of my crochet moodblanket 2015. I have used a granny square pattern using trebbles and a popcornstitch. And I have made 31 granny squares in January and that means a granny square a day! This is how my moodblanket looks after one month.

1 feb 2015 1This blanket is getting really heavy already and this is only the first month of 2015! Overall I am keeping up with making one square a day, except for days when I am sick. These last view days I was more busy then usual and I had to make three squares at the same time. I am not to bothered by that, because it means that I have more things on my hands and I am getting better. I noticed that I have used more ‘happy moodcolours’ like Spring green and Fondant. I almost didn’t use them at all in the first three weeks of January. I am looking forward to continuing my blanket in Februari. I will make two more rows and my blanket will look more like a blanket.

Well I hope you liked my update. Please tag me on Instagram to show your moodblanket. I love to see your progress!

Have a beautiful sunday!




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