My IG-diary: week 5/52

Another week has past. Let me show you how my week has been.



On monday I started my week with this delicious pink smoothie.


Of course I wrote a new blogpost about my week and I decided to begin every IG-diary with a quote.


Still happy with my new bracelets. I wore them today as I went to visit my work. I haven’t been there for over 6 months. I felt really nervous.


Another day and another green smoothie.


Guilty pleasure: dutch pancakes with sugar made by my husband. It was so delicious!


That day I made a blogpost about our weddingday! I shared our weddingvideo.


At night I made two squares for my moodblanket. I used the colours Plum and Content.


Ussually my smoothies look delicious, but on wednesdaymorning  it didn’t! I used blackberries and spinach and that made this smoothie turn brown. But it was delicious!

2015-01-28_1422448286 2015-01-28_1422471672 2015-01-28_1422471022 2015-01-28_1422470964 2015-01-28_1422449089 2015-01-28_1422449011

Later that day my husband and I visited a museum in The Hague. I love Costume dramas! I really liked this exhibition. The red dress was worn by Nicole Kidmann in the movie ‘Gone girl’.


It felt really good to go out with my husband. Because I have been sick for over 6 months we didn’t have any fun time during that period. So I felt so happy this day. I made another square and I chose the colour Fondant, which stands for Happy.


Starting thursday with a healthy smoothie.


I almost finished my book. Still on schedule! A book every two weeks!


Later that day I went to get another acupuncture session. I will write about that soon. And when I returned, my husband bought me a present. A Pandora charm for my bracelet. He said that he is very proud of the progress I am making and he wants to let me know he will love me forever and will stay by my side always. My husband is so special and precious to me. I dont know why I deserve a man like him.


I worked some more on my new pillowcase with a shell stitch. The front is ready. This is the back.


Fridaymorning with a pink smoothie. This week is going by so fast!


Yeah! I finished my book! I will write a review of both books soon. Stay tuned!


The sun light up my livingroom. It felt really good.


My husband and I found this beautiful poster of Audrey Hepburn. It looks great in our livingroom. A great find.


Oh my god! How is this possible. I reached 300 followers on Instagram.


On saturday my husband turned 35 years old! And because of my illness we couldn’t celebrate it with a big party. But his mother and her husband visited in the afternoon and we had cake. His brother arrived later to have a game night with my husband. They had a great time. I went to bed early.


A new month! Thank god I felt a bit better this last month of January. A lot better than the week before. I especially felt more positive.


Of course.. on sundaymorning a green smoothie. Are you having green smoothies already?


I posted another update of my moodblanket.


I was asked to share my #4mostlikespics of January and these are the ones!

I am really happy I felt a lot better this last week of january. It was a good week. Unfortunately I am still dealing with a nasty urinary infection that doesn’t want to go away. I finished my antibiotics, but I still have stomach and back aches. I hope to see my doctor soon to figure out what to do with this.

For now, I wish you a wonderfull week and I hope to see you soon!




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