My humble bucketlist (1)


Here they are .. big and small goals. Some for this lifetime, some for 2015.

I want to…

* Take good care of ME, MYSELF and I and don’t feel guilty about it * Visit the UK in 2015 * Learn to speak Arabic * Learn to sew * Learn to drive * Own a Maine Coon * Start a blog in 2015 * Learn to knit socks * Change career * Take a photography course * Visit NY * Be creative in any way and create something every week * Visit New Sealand * Give a crochet workshop * Take a make up artist course * Own a little farmhouse or a cottage * Organize a IG-meeting in 2015 * Organize my craftroom * Read 26 books in 2015 * Learn to relax more * Have an old fashioned sleepover party in the livingroom with my friends were we watch silly movies and eat a lot of candy * Swing on a swing in 2015 * Eat healthy * Visit Highclere castle * Practice Tai Chi two times a week in 2015 * Write a book * Live in the moment *

What’s on your bucketlist?




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