BOOKREVIEW: ‘Calling me home’ and ‘The invention of wings’

calling me homesuemonkkidd

In january of this year I started a Reading Challenge. I want to read one book every two weeks. And that means 26 books in 2015. I am pleased to say that in january I read two books! I read ‘Calling me home’ by Julie Kibler and ‘The invention of wings’ by Sue Monk Kidd. They have a few things in common, but they are also two beautiful and different stories. And I promised to write a review of every book I read. So here we go.

***Please be aware of the fact that these reviews may contain spoilers.***

Calling me home

The story reminded me a little bit of the movie ‘Driving miss Daisy’. That movie is also about a special and extraordinary friendship between two totally different people. I loved that movie so much and it also made me cry. The same thing happened with this book. A young mother and hairdresser Dorrie was asked by miss Isabelle to drive her to a funeral. It’s a three day trip. During the trip miss Isabelle tells Dorrie her lifestory. Soon Dorrie finds out that miss Isabelle is not telling her life story but her love story. Julie Kibler switches between present and past and it reads effortless. I really enjoyed this book. You really want to know how the lovestory of miss Isabelle continues and you’ve got all sorts of questions you want answers to. And like I said before, this book made me cry really bad. And that doesn’t happen often. Especially in the end. The end of the book is a real surprise and it got me. Some parts of the book are difficult to read because of the racism in it. But I also think it must be told regardless. What I really like about this story is that although it’s fiction, I know this has been the story of a lot of couples. The main characers Robert and Isabelle will stay with me forever. Thank you Julie, for writing such a beautiful lovestory. I can’t wait for your next book!

The invention of wings

This book was not easy to read for me. Also because of the horrors of slavery in it. But it needs to be told and it may never be forgotten. For me the story is about a friendship about a white girl Sarah and the little slave Handful she got for her birthday.How sick is that! Even if you think you know a lot about the horrors of slavery, this books whill make you shiver all over again. But this story is also about bravery and freedom. One of my favorite phrases is when Handful talks to her mother when her mother is dying and says to her daughter: When you think of me, say: ‘She was never owned by these people. She was only owned by herself. Sorry for the crappy translation, but you know what I mean. Some parts of the book, especially about the Quakers I found pretty difficult to read. Maybe because I am not from America. It contained a lot of historyfacts that I don’t know about and I felt like I missed a lot of basic information to really understand what it was about. But I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait for Oprah to make a movie out of it.

My next book is ‘Outlander’ written by Diana Gabaldon. It has more then 800 pages! This will really slow me down in my challenge. But I am really curious about this story and I heard a lot of good things about it. I hope I will finish it in february. I you want to follow my progress you can follow me on Goodreads (username: casadiceasar).

What is your current read?




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