Recipe: Breakfast cheesecake


For this breakfast cheescake I got inspired by two bloggers: Jelmer and Maaike. I used almost the same filling as Jelmer but I made the bottom that Maaike came up with.

For the bottom I used:

-200 gr of oats
-2 bananas
-100 gr medjoul dates

Crush your bananas, mix them with your oats and add your medjoul dates which you have cut into small pieces. Put the mixture in a round tin. And bake your oats mixture in an oven for 25 minutes at 180 degrees.

For the cottage cheese filling:

-200 gr cream cheese light (Lidl)
-250 gr low fat cottage cheese (strawberry or cherry flavour)
-12 pieces of gelatin
-250 gr of blackberries or any red fruit you like

Soak you gelatin in water. Mix the cream cheese with the cottage cheese. Crush the blackberries in your blender. Put the blackberries in a pan and put it to the boil. When it starts to boil, remove your pan from the heat. Squeeze your gelatin and add it to the blackberries. Mix the blackberries with the cottage cheese mixture.

When your bottom is ready and a bit cooled off, add the cottage cheese mixture to the tin. Let the cheesecake cool off over night.

And there you have it! Breakfast cheesecake. Bon appetit!




2 thoughts on “Recipe: Breakfast cheesecake

  1. Oh this sounds delightful! I’m not sure where I’ll get gelatin in pieces,( it comes powdered here as far as I know), but I’ll get it figured out!

    Thank you!

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