Recipe: Mascarpone Crumble Cake


A couple of my Instagram followers requested the recipe for my Mascarpone Crumble Cake. So here it is.

I didn’t write te recipe. I got the recipe from my husband’s aunt and I don’t known where she got it from.So unfortunately I can’t link you to it. What I can do is tell you how I made it.

The ingredients:

-Butter/flower to cover the tin.
-250 gr of soft butter
-350 gr of flower
-250 gr of sugar
-2 bags of vanilla sugar
-pinch of salt
-500 gr of lean cottage cheese
-250 gr of mascarpone
-90 gr of semolina
-1/2 jar of strawberry marmelade of any kind you like!
-powdersugar to cover the cake after colling down

NOTE: You should really make this cake a day in advance, because it has to cool down for at least 5 hours!

Use a round tin (26 cm) and cover it with butter or/and flower. Heat your oven at 180 degrees. Melt 150 gr of butter. Mix your flour, 100 gr of sugar, 1 bag of vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt. Mix this mixture with the melted butter. Make crumbs of the mixture.

For the filling:

Mix 100 gr of soft butter, 150 gr of sugar, 1 bag of vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt. Mix untill it becomes creamy. Add the eggs one at a time. And after that you add the cottage cheese, mascarpone and the semolina.

Take your tin and add have of the crumbs. Press it a little. Add a layer of strawberry marmelade. Add the cottage cheese mixture.

Put the tin in the oven for about an hour. As I said earlies: cool your cake for at least 5 hours!


Enjoy! Please tag me if you make this cake. I would love to see and hear how it turned out.




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