Update: Crochet moodblanket 2015 week 6/52

7 feb 2015 2

My second row is complete! After six weeks my moodblanket looks like this.

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Update: Crochet moodblanket 2015 week 4/52 and 5/52

1 feb 2015 2So as promised I made an update of my crochet moodblanket 2015. I have used a granny square pattern using trebbles and a popcornstitch. And I have made 31 granny squares in January and that means a granny square a day! This is how my moodblanket looks after one month. Continue reading

Grannysquare cover for a hotwaterbottle

17 jan 2015 1A couple of weeks ago I saw a lot of beautiful covers for hotwaterbottles on Pinterest. I still had a plain hotwaterbottle without a cover. So I needed one, because sometimes the water is too hot and I burn myself. I wanted to make a cover with granny squares, because I am still a beginner at crochet and I can do granny squares. I started without a pattern and picked three colours for my granny squares: purple, lilac and offwhite. I used a popcorn stitch to make a flower. After a view granny squares I did search for a pattern. I found a simple one that I would like to share with you. Continue reading